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What does an otolaryngologist do?

Otolaryngologist is basically a fancy name for what is more commonly known as an Ear,Nose and Throat doctor (ENT). We should also mention that, in fact, the correct spelling of the word is otorhinolaryngologist. Since even the dictionary recognizes that its too complex to pronounce everyone somehow just decided to settle on otolaryngologist and the actual spelling can only be found in old medical encyclopedias

In any event, the primary area of expertise of these physicians are diseases affecting the face, nose or throat. Otolaryngologists or ENTs basically specialize in canals that connect various parts of of our face and head enabling functions like breathing and speaking within the human body. Want to know if a sinus infection is contagious? No better candidate to tell you than an online ear nose and throat doctor. Want to get an accurate assessment on whether or not you have contracted Strep Throat, Sore Throat, Pharyngitis or Tonsillitis? All of these conditions can be be diagnosed virtually by an online otolaryngologist on our platform.

Patients are typically referenced to ENTs by their primary care doctors, due to various types of allergists as well as a number of other clinical conditions. Particularly in cases when more diagnosis, tests, supervision or surgical evaluations may be needed, specifically pertaining to the disease of a patient. For example, an ENT may be referred to the patient by a primary care physician or an allergist to determine whether repeated sinus infections can be caused by a deviated septum or are the result of nasal polyps presence. ENTs are trained in medicine and surgery to diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases. So they are basically a beefed up version of your primary care provider when it comes to all things head related.

How do ENT’s help with allergies?

They can assess the following conditions:

  • Chronic sinusitis/polyposis of the nose
  • Chronic nasal blockage / septum deviation
  • Migraines

How do ENT’s help with Sleep?

By diagnose and treating things like:

  • Excessive Snoring
  • Sleep induced Apnea

How does an otolaryngologist help with hearing or ear related problems?

They treat:

  • Chronic and/or acute ear infections
  • Loss of hearing
  • Tinnitus (commonly know to cause eringing in the ears)
  • Vertigo and / or balance issues caused by ear certain types of ear infections

Do ENTs help with Head and Neck related problems?

Yes they the help asses teh following conditions:

  • Facial trauma
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Head and neck skin cancers

Does an otolaryngologist treat specific throat and or swallowing disorders?

Yes , see the list below:

  • Salivary gland dysfunction
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Various types of Voice disorders
  • Lesions on vocal cords
  • General Voice therapy

When to see an online Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor?

When you’ve been referred to see one by your general practitioner but want to do so form the comfort of your own home

For any and every occasion, general practitioners are the physicians you see. But in some specific area they’re not specialized. If you find that you have a problem in your ears, you can diagnose and treat it through an ENT who expertise in this area are far more expansive than that of general practitioner. If your doctor refers you to an ENT physician, that is a sure sign that you may need a very specific set of skills to properly support you with your problem.

When you have continuous chronic infections that go through seasonal cycles

If you have chronic ear infections that occur on a regular basis, you may want to see an ENT doctor. Although it is common to call your usual health care provider for earache they may not always be equipped to help if the issue has been bothering you for some time.

Ear Pains of degenerative nature

You know your body and you have had previous ear infections. If you had one and it persists to get worse over time, it’s in your best interest to see an otolaryngologist. Your condition may be so acute that a general practitioner will not be properly equipped to asses your case. otolaryngologists specialize in ear nose and throat, so the chance of them misdiagnosing your ear pains is exponentially smaller.

Problems with hearing

It is best to see an ENT doctor for preventive medication if you have a hearing disorder or start feeling like you are unable to hear. Your hearing sense is critical, and you want someone who knows understands the relationship between ear drums and jaw canals and to take a look. This will be critical to avoid more hearing loss.

Options for treatment

ENT physicians have far more options than general practitioners for ear, nose and throat care. They can prescribe antibiotic drops, cleanings, antibiotics digestives, ear tube therapy, as well as range of other niche remedies. An online Ear Nose and Throat doctor will right away know what to propose when diagnosing your symptoms.

Make and appointment with an online otolaryngologist

You ought to make an appointment if you have ear difficulties and your doctor advises that you see an ENT specialist. You may also want to reach out yourself if you have chronic ear infections, excessive discomfort, hearing loss or other symptoms described above. US Doctors 24/7 specialists can help you get to the bottom of your hearing issues during your 1st consultation

Last updated: January 2021

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