How to get rid of cold sore fast?

How to treat

One of the main things to remember in cold sore treatment: Don’t wait. Start handling it instantly, and you will reduce the time required for your body to fight off the virus. If you know this telltale tingling, continue to the spot on your skin where it originates and proceed with applying any over the counter (OTC) drug that contains anti viral qualities.

Where to start

Please consider the use of an OTC antiviral ointment. Among such ointments, commonly available in your nearest pharmacy you may find such medication as for example docosanol (Abreva) tubing. Many start this popular OTC alternative and use it until they have cured their cold sores. Healing periods can be compared to other therapies for this medication.

Options to administer

Your only alternative is not an OTC topical cream. A prescription antiviral medicine can also be attempted. These stronger drugs sometimes will speed up the process of recovery. Contact your physician to check if one of these is a suitable idea for you:

  • Acyclovir (Zovirax): orally, as a topical cream.
  • Famciclovir: available for oral use
  • Penciclovir: available in cream (Denavir)
  • Valacyclovir: available as a comprimé (Valtrex)

Experts firmly recommend that they take or use these drugs as early as possible to speed up the cure period. You could even try to add a moisturizing cream while your cold sore starts crouching down and forms a scab.

Alternative “Folk” or “Home” Remedies

Perhaps a further solution to treat a cold sore would be of use to you. In this arena, you have many choices.

  • Ice cubes
  • Aloe Vera Gel / Cream
  • Garlic
  • Cold Moist Black / Green Tea Bags
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Oregano Oil

However, the frequent use of these alternative treatments to treat cold sores is not confirmed by enough evidence. Before using, you can speak to a doctor and not replace well known medications.

Be vigilant when adding new materials to your face. Any of these remedies have documented reactions such as irritant and allergic contact dermatitis.

Some additional methods are described below for you to try at your own risk. Depending on your skin type, body composition as well as a host of other factors they may or may not be effective for you.

Vinegar with Apple cider

Apple cider vinegar is appealed to many people because it is recommended to combat viruses, trustworthy reservoirs of virus and other germs. Apple vinegar is not intense to be used on a cold sore. However, maximum strength is too intense. Your skin can be really irritable.

Make sure to dilute the liquid once or twice a day before using.

Oil from the Tea Tree

It may be your alternative to cure your cold sore, if you like how tea tree oil smells. While there is minimal research Trusted Source, the tea tree oil does seem to be promising to tackle Herpes simplex virus.

Like apple vinegar, before dissolving it on your hands, you may want to dilute it.

Honey of Khanuka

Honey is now known for treating skin burns and wounds. Now, a recently released report from BMJ Open found that kanuka honey from a tree local to New Zealand could be helpful in treating cold sores.


Similar to honey, propolis is a different bee substance which has promises to cure skin injuries and wounds. Propolis is a trusted Source of antiviral properties and could make a good candidate for treating your cold soar.

Balm of Citrus

Research dated back to 2006 indicates that using lemon balm cream, which is a mint family herb, may have a positive impact on the cold soar healing process.

Lemon balm is also used for various medical purposes in the shape of a capsule.


Several tests have found that people who take lysine are less likely to suffer from recurring cold soars, although some of these studies do have limitations. For examlpe, there was no suggested on the optimum dosage or, in many cases, even basic form of preparation that subjects used for application of the treatment.

Recent tests have also demonstrated that using lysine would not prevent a cold wake; however there is no harm in trying.

This essential amino acid can be supplemented or creamed on as an oral supplement.

Mint Oil Peppermint

Tests in laboratories have shown that peppermint oil is effective in combating both the type 2 and HSV-1 virus and type 1.

If you wish to try this cure, place a diluted piece of peppermint oil on the ground as soon as you sense a cold soar approaching.

Additional essential oils

While at best anecdotal proof for this home remedy, you may want to add these essential oils to your list of complementary treatments:

  • Hotbed
  • Thyme
  • The Lyme
  • Honeycomb

Analysis shows that even therapeutic forms medicine can be effective against the herpes simplex virus

What can’t be done

It’s really tempting to touch or to pick at the source of the cold sore when you have one. Try to resist the following temptation all of which may hinder the mechanism of healing:

Have finger to soar surface contact. Whenever you encounter an open blister, you risk spreading the infection from your hand and not cleaning your hands directly afterwards. Often, if you poke or prodd on the sore, you can inject bacteria from your hands.

Attempt popping the soar. It’s not a pimple, it is a cold sore. You’re not going to get rid of it whether you pinch it or try to pop it. You can squeeze out teh contents and and a viral fluid will end up on your skin. This will only increase the risk of accidentally transmitting the virus to another individual.

Attempt removing the scab. You could pick at the scab without even noticing it. Yet do as much as possible to refrain from doing so. The scab lasts a couple of days and then vanishes all by itself. It could leave a scar if you choose to do otherwise.

Cleaning vigorously. It will be nice to wash a cold sore once in a while, but ,sadly, the already delicate skin surrounding the affected area would just be disturbed with a thorough scrubbing.

Have sexual contact through the area affected by the cold soar. It’s best to prevent physical interaction with your partner that includes any contact trough areas already affected by the blisters. Before you resume sexual intercourse, wait for it to clear.

Eat foods that are acidic. Foods rich in acids like citrus fruits and tomatoes, when they come into contact with a chilly sore, can produce a burning sensation. Choosing a different diet for the days when your body is fighting the virus is advisable.

When to seek online doctor appointment

Cold sores usually leave your system by themselves a few weeks from when they popped up in the first place. if your cold sore lingers after that initial 2 week period, It may be time to consult a professional

It is another compelling excuse to consult with the doctor if you find you are regularly struggling with cold soars, on more than a seasonal basis. If this is indeed your case a prescription-based antiviral medicine may be of help to you.

Additional arguments for setting up a virtual doctor appointment

  • Increased pains
  • More than one cold soar at a time
  • Cold soars on or around the eyes
  • Sores spreading to other areas of the body

You could have certain skin patches that are cracked or bleeding whether you have eczema that is often referred to as atopic dermatitis. HSV-1 may cause problems if it expands into those openings in which case you should not wait an consult a professional.

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