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The quickest way is to schedule an online consultation and a get a doctors note through certified online platforms.

What is a doctors note?

A doctor’s note which is also termed as a doctor’s excuse is a piece of paper collected from a licensed medical professional to prove that you have seen a doctor.

It is an authorized document provided either by the doctor or their office administrators which affirms that you were having an appointment.

Although it is common practice for people to use a fake doctor’s note for work and school but creating any such document by using doctor’s note template is unethical and illegal. Whatever the situations are, a real doctor note is always the best option to go for. Luckily, it has become an easy choice too.

Where can I get a doctors note for work online?

Each one of us needs a doctor’s note at some stage of our lives. Sometimes, when you are feeling sick or you are unable to set an appointment for some other reasons, you may wonder if you can have a doctor’s note without seeing a doctor.

If you are experiencing any such conditions, you are not alone. Luckily, usadoctor247 is here to help you.

You can contact our doctors at any time for an online doctor’s note. Along with the sick note for work, we are also providing top-notch healthcare services from the comfort of your own home.

Our qualified, exceptionally rated healthcare professionals are highly experienced. They careful diagnose the conditions of the patients and prescribe the best medications accordingly.

Get an online appointment

At usadoctors247, you can speak to our certified doctors through your phone calls or video chats. To make your appointment, we take less than 15 minutes. Our virtual doctors are graduated from the top U.S. medical universities and have 10+ years of experience.

We are proud of our healthcare services. We use secure and private medical record systems to keep your medical information safe.

Get an online prescription

You can get an online prescription with us at or you may get your existing medications refilled. Getting an online prescription is much easier with us.

Our platform is secure, safe, and affordable. Just because you cannot attend a doctor physically, we do not want you to miss your medications. Our certified doctors provide prescriptions for everything from antidepressant, anti-biotics, hypertension medications, birth controls and much more.

How can you have a doctor’s note?

Having a doctor’s note is much easier with our online platform.

Step 1:

Book an appointment which is most convenient for you.

Step 2:

Talk to your selected doctor.

Step 3:

Get your doctor’s note fast

When do you need a doctor’s note?

Providing a doctor’s note depend on which place you work in and which state you live in. Make sure to check your company’s policy. Some companies do not require a sick note when you are missing for less than one week. On the other hand, some companies have strict regulations. Their rules demand real doctor’s note even for only one day leave.

While getting your doctor’s note, you must confirm that which details your company requires to be added in your sick note.

How to get a doctors note for work online?

If you are feeling unwell, getting a doctor’s note becomes essential for unexcused absences. It keeps you protected of penalties such as lost wages and fine charges. A doctor’s note for work verifies the need of your visit and suggests the length of necessary absence. It also includes the specific accommodations which you need to get back to your work.

To have a doctor’s note for work or school, you have to call your primary healthcare provider or your physician. Let him know in detail about your condition and symptoms. Ask him for a sick note for yourself.


Getting a sick note online

In case, your physician is unavailable, you can get an online doctor’s note via our online platform. We are available for phone call and video chat. We will provide you a digital copy of your sick note. You can email this sick note to your school administrator or workplace supervisor.

If you want to keep it private, our doctor’s note will not describe the reason of your visit. It will simply include the date of your visit and that you are recommended to have a sick leave.

What is included in a good doctor note?

A good doctor’s note includes the essential information such as:

  • Date of your appointment
  • Authentic reason for missing school or work
  • Recommendations about the further absence if needed

As per patient-doctor confidentiality, doctors usually do not disclose your illness and reason of your absence. But if you ask your doctor to add these pieces of information, they can add them up too.

Self-certification VS Sick note

If you remain absent for one week or less than seven days, your employer should not ask for a sick note. Rather than requiring a sick note, they can ask you for self-certification. For self-certification, you need to fill a form which will confirm that you have been sick.

On the other hand, if you remain absent for more than one week, your employer will more likely ask you for a sick note (doctor’s note or a medical statement). You can get your sick note from your doctor or physician which proves that you have had an appointment for your sickness.

What if you do not have any insurance?

If you do not have any insurance and you are sick but you still require a doctor’s note, keep these things in the mind:

Seek an urgent care facility

Urgent care clinic or urgent care facility is a better option than visiting an emergency room. Emergency visits are usually costly. Call ahead, ask for the fees about your condition before your visit.

Consider the possibility of lost wages vs the cost of a doctor’s visit

If you miss one week of work due to your sickness, estimate how much money you are likely to lose for this one week versus the expenses of seeing a doctor. By getting a doctor’s note, you can be eligible for paid time off. (2)

At usadoctors247, we are also providing top notch online health services to those who are not having any insurance. Our services are affordable yet very fast. We provide instant doctors note as well as treatments for dental infections, skin infections, pharyngitis, sinus infections, tonsillitis, sore throat, strep throat, cold and flu. Visit us to have the best experience ever.

Some common medical conditions doctors write notes for may include:

Unintentional injuries

Most of the workplaces consider it reasonable to give you a sick leave if you get any injury. They prefer health and wellness of their employees rather than dragging them out. You can satisfy your workplace supervisor by providing them a doctor not about your injury and its symptoms.

Back pain

You may suffer from back pain because of some domestic accident or workplace injuries. While fighting with your back pain, you may require a short leave in order to take proper bed rest. This illness is among the common medical conditions which doctors write note for.

Hypertension and Depression

We all experience depression, anxiety, stress and hypertension at some point in our lives. Your supervisor may not understand your situation and he may ask you for a valid doctor note. Fortunately, doctors are writing these medical notes after diagnosing your symptoms and medical conditions.

Pneumonia and fever

Pneumonia and fever are some common illnesses nowadays. Students, workers, and most of the employees suffer from these diseases commonly. You always need a real doctor note to get yourself out of the commitments at your workplace. This is an absolute smart option and has become an easy approach too.

Sick note FAQ section

How much I have to pay for a doctor’s note?

It may vary according to each online platform and the doctor.

Can I have a doctor’s note without seeing a doctor?

Legally, you should see a doctor if you want a doctor’s note. But you can have an online doctor note by seeing a virtual doctor. Online doctors write online sick notes. They will send you these notes electronically.

Do online doctors note work?

Without going to a doctor, online doctors note work great for a number of medical conditions. They are quite useful to get you out of your commitments.

How to have a doctor’s note for stress leave?

Typically, stress leave is necessary when an employee’s condition become so serious that he/she becomes unable to perform the tasks and duties efficiently.

If you need to have a doctor’s note for stress leave, talk to your doctor about your feelings, be honest about all the symptoms, explain your condition clearly. Ask your doctor to write a certified note for you.

You can get a sick note for migraine if your migraine become severe over time and you need to have a short leave.

However, migraine usually lasts for a few hours to only one day which means you may continue without a sick note.

Will doctor give sick note for flu?

Your doctor may give you sick note for flu if it becomes contagious i.e. transmissible by indirect and direct contact with each other. It is better to stay at home to prevent the spread of disease rather than making others sick too.

How to have a doctor’s note without being sick?

Even if you are not sick, you can tell your doctor about the valid reason that why you need to have a leave. If you make him understand about your excuse, he might write a sick note for you.

Where to ask for a doctor’s note for school?

If you need to have a doctor’s note for your school, you may call your doctor, tell him about your symptoms and get an appointment. If your physician is not available and you want a doctor’s note fast, you can book a virtual appointment with us to have your sick note right away.

How to ask for a doctor’s note?

Asking for a doctor’s note is quite simple. You just gave to speak to your doctor. Let them know that you want a doctor’s note for work.

If you are experiencing any illness, your doctor will examine your conditions. After careful diagnosis, your doctor will write a sick note and prescription for you.

If you want a doctor’s note without being sick, tell your doctor that you have a valid reason to go for a leave. Let him know your excuse and get a sick note for yourself.

How to get a doctors note for work online?

You can recieve your doctor’s note online with usadoctors247. Our experienced medical professionals conduct virtual appointments through phone and video calls for a wide range of medical conditions.

Contact us at our main page to get your doctor’s note right away.

Can I get a fake doctor note?

If your healthcare provider and your physician does not provide you a fake doctor note, you can find some other clinic nearby for the note. Some online platforms are also providing fake sick notes to help you get rid of your commitments.

Do employers call to verify doctors note?

As per HIPAA’s privacy rules, the employers cannot make a direct call to your healthcare provider or your doctor. He should value your privacy and your sick note should be sufficient for him to accept that you have been ill.

However, employees may require further verifications sometimes.

What should a sick note say?

A sick note should clearly state the date of your visit, valid reason for being absent, and suggestions for further absence if you need them.

If you want your doctor to write the reason of your illness, you may ask your doctor. In other cases, doctors’ value your privacy and do not state about your medical conditions.

Last updated: January 2021

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