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We diagnose non-emergency medical concerns and treat patients remotely around the clock. Get a subscription to our personalized Health Portal and gain access to over 2000 medical doctors nationwide 24/7.

Currently supporting English and Spanish speaking subscribers

We diagnose, treat and provide 2ed option to patients with or without health insurance

All symptoms and diagnoses will be accompanied by signed and sealed documentation

Check out what our clients say about us. We make sure that your experience with us is satisfactory. Even if it means going the extra mile.

Supports phone, video and chat communication directly with the MD of your choice

Our platform automatically searches for pharmacies and Med Labs near you to deliver meds or samples prescribed during your consultation.

We support our veterans. All functionality is lightning fast and easy to understand. Our customer support will be with you every step of the wayve.​

General practitioner waiting time 5 – 15 minutes. Cardiologist or Oncologist may be up to 2 hours waiting time

Affordable Quality Care $29.99/month

We have among the lowest rates for any US online doctor. Video chat or phone consultation in real time = $10 per call*. Access to the platform is less than $1 per day** in membership fees. All of our doctors are US based.

*Price is valid for both video and phone call. The amount will be reimbursed if you didn’t have an appointment. See Payment Terms section in our Term & Conditions

**Minimum order value = 30 days of membership = $29.99. See Payment Terms section in our Term & Conditions

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How to make an online appointment with a doctor?

Step 1 - Register now

Setting up your secure account only takes a minute.

Step 2 - Request a visit

You can have a doctor visit right away or schedule an appointment – all by phone, computer, or our app.

Step 3 - Feel better

Get treated by one of our doctors who can prescribe medication if necessary.

Our Health Portal features

Becoming a member you can share medical records with your Primary Care Physician, and virtually communicate with a U.S.- based, licensed Physician.

Health records

Health Records

To ensure you receive the most informed care possible, we keep your online health history up to date. You indicate the drug type, dosage, and frequency of any medications you have taken/are currently taking, including allergies


Schedule Center

You can choose the type of consultation you need, see the status for your new consultations, previous ones, ones that you cancelled and those which are in progress  

Schedule center
Message center

Message A Doctor

If you need professional medical advice you can ask one of our doctors for free without scheduling an appointment
Secure & Confidential
Upload test results or images
When a doctor replies, we’ll email you

Preferred Pharmacy Selection

This screen will enable you to select a partner pharmacy or testing lab where you’ll be ale to ether pick up your prescription or have it mailed to you directly after your phone / video diagnostic consultation has ended
this text for pharmacy

6 Time slot for call selection

Select your time slot and language

Depending on the condition you select it may take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes to locate the right online doctor. While general practitioners are widely available for symptoms of common cold, an oncology specialist, for example, may require a bit more time track down. In order to deliver on our promise to connect you to a doctor instantly. We do our best not to exceed the 20 minute deadline. Due to popular demand our platform supports both English and Spanish


Final step will once again require authorization from your preferred method of payment in order to charge the $10 fee which you become eligible upon completing your subscription to our platform.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

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Thousands of people have already received quality medical care with USAdoctors247

Happy Stories

Creating happy customers remotely every day!
I've woken up with a terrible sore throat. It was pouring rain and i didn't want to get even more sick by going to school. Looking for an online doctor to help me, i came across USA Doctors 24/7. My class started at 8:15 so It was quite early in the morning when i called them. The doctor told me to stay in bed and forwarded everything i need by email. No hassle, no bs, just good quality care on time
Daren Palmer
My hair is hyper sensitive to any sort of changes. I am always looking for the right shampoo conditioner combo. Dermatology advice online is often conflicting. Tired of ambiguity, i decided to speak to a pro. USA Doctors 24/7 really surprised me. In under 10 minutes they shared a ton of cool resources enabling me to determine my skin type and pick the right brand
Randy Tran
Sore Throat
My friends call me a hypochondriac. The truth is that i just want to be sure about whats happening with my body before brishing it off as irrelevant. This literally been a life saver. Any time i have a question i no longer need to do my own research. I call up the specialist i need and they explain everything i need to know
Amy Turner
i've been having an irregular cycle for quite some time. My regular OB/GYN prescribed wired new pills and instead of regularizing my period they made increased my appetite ten fold. With him away on vacation and no one else to turn to i went googling. Having found these guys , i can only say that my experience was cheaper and more efficient. In fact, i haven't had to go to my by monthly appointments for over 6 months now.
Emma R.
Every winter like clock work, i suffer from sinus infections. Having been stuck at home for months on end, this time around i decided to do something about it . This time around i decided to do something about it. USA Doctors 247 finally made me understand whats been going on. Unfortunately my condition is chronic, so we have to try new approaches every time we treat it. i renew my subscription with them every month to make sure i stay on top of the new trends
Joe Alan

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